Many are bringing awareness to Alzheimer's Disease during the month of September

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    YAKIMA Wa. -- In Yakima Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the top four leading causes of death which is why many are trying to bring awareness to the disease during the month of September.

    A local family who has been impacted by the disease is now speaking out about it at the Central Washington State Fair.

    Lupita Gutierrez-Parker says she first noticed she would forget her keys or important appointments but didn’t know something was really wrong until she went to the doctor two years ago and was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment.

    “I was a little nervous but I could tell something was wrong. I could tell that for me it wasn’t normal that I don’t forget things like that," said Gutierrez-Parker.

    After being diagnosed Gutierrez-Parker says life changed for the entire family and has had to adapt to new routines.

    “To continue to exercise and get good sleep you have to sleep and don’t do any smoking drinking things like that and the healthier you are the better," said Gutierrez-Parker.

    Gutierrez-Parker’s daughter Jessica Gutierrez-Parker says it has been really hard to adapt and understand what is happening to her mom.

    She says she has had to move from Seattle to be with her mom and care for her.

    “Moving home and you know living at home again it was a hard adjustment but it’s been really nice because we can grow our bond together and we’re learning more about each other as people," said Jessica Gutierrez-Parker.

    According to Yakima Valley Trends, the top four leading causes of death in Yakima is cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

    Gutierrez-Parker says it’s important for the entire family to be supportive to the person suffering from Alzheimer’s so that you can prevent the disease from getting worse.

    “You know it’s a hard thing to accept but you have to there’s no there’s nothing else you really can do you just have to move forward and continue being engaged with life and continue to do things," said Gutierrez-Parker.

    Lupita and Jessica will be at the Central Washington State Fair all week to give information on Alzheimer’s disease to anyone who stops by.

    For more information about Alzheimer's Disease you can head over to .

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