Man winds up in court, attempting to make an uncomfortable delivery of meth to inmates

Joaquin Joshua Gamboa Jr. made his first court appearance on Thursday after attempting to make an uncomfortable delivery of over 42 grams of meth to other inmates.

YAKIMA, Wash.- A man was in court Thursday after prosecutors say they believe he organized his own arrest to deliver over 42 grams of meth to other inmates, smuggling it in a place he thought surely wouldn't be checked.

However, it was a bit more painful than he had expected.

Joaquin Joshua Gamboa Jr. is facing charges for possession of meth with intent to deliver after a corrections officer overheard his mention to his cellmate shortly after he was booked that he had a "package" and that it hurt.

Seeming odd, each inmate was placed in a separate holding cell and a search was done where a Styrofoam cup was found next to a toilet with three separate quantities of meth wrapped in latex and covered in feces.

Bail was set at $40,000.

Police say the level of fentanyl in the substance was determined to have lethal levels so it was left unopened and sent to the Washington State Crime Lab.

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