Man stole valuables from dozens of mailboxes

Man stole valuables from dozens of mailboxes

EAST SELAH, Wash.- Reports of stolen packages have increased rapidly during the holidays.

A local postal worker says this year is the worst she's seen. This Friday suspects broke into dozens of mailboxes in East Selah on Sage Trail Rd. and stole checks, Christmas gifts and other valuable items.

"It was really sad because they had packages that were ripped open, all of their contents taken out, and Christmas cards were torn open, and things were taken out of those. You know a lot of things are sent in the mail still, and we think it's secure because we have locked boxes and turns out not so much," said Michelle Bender, resident on Sage Trail Rd.

"My wife was actually talking to the postal carrier, and she said that in the ten years that she's been carrying and delivering mail, this is the worst year," said Rob Leaming, resident on Sage Trail Rd.

The case is still under investigation. The Yakima Post Office told residents that it could take up to several weeks for the mailboxes to be repaired.

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