Man shot at Sunshine Motel

Man shot at Sunshine Motel

YAKIMA, Wash. - Police are searching for Gilbert Penaloza, 25 who shot 44-year-old Gavin Parker Thursday night outside the Sunshine Motel on North First Street.

"The suspect and the victim knew each other, there was some sort of altercation," said Yakima Police Spokesperson Mike Bastinelli. "They went outside and the suspect shot the victim."

Police said Penaloza shot Parker once and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but police said he is now stable.

Bastinelli said an arrest warrant was issued for Penaloza and if anyone knows where he is they are asked to contact police. He is facing charges of first degree assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

But Bastinelli said this shooting is just the latest criminal act to happen at the Sunshine Motel.

"That's unfortuatenly a motel that sees a lot of activity there," he said. "We respond there almost on a daily basis to criminal activity."

Bastinelli said the motel is a known problem area to police, where they say drug use, prostitution and other criminal activity is common.

According to reports, back in 2016 there was a shooting at the motel where two men broke into a room and opened fire on the person inside.

"A few years back the city actually was very close to closing it," Bastinelli said. "The owner responded with some improvements but it is a place that is visited by Yakima police on a regular basis."

Police are currently investigating what led up to the shooting, right now they are just describing it as an altercation. They said there were a lot of witnesses and the motel has security footage which is why they were quickly able to identify Penaloza.

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