Man leads police on chase through the Upper Valley

Man leads police on chase through the Upper Valley

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - A police chase that began in Selah Saturday night, ended in Yakima.

It started when a Selah officer tried to pull over Jose Dealba, 23, for his brake light being out.

Police said Dealba failed to stop and led them on a chase through the city, it continued onto I-82 into Yakima.

According to police reports, Dealba ran multiple stop signs, crashed into a few cars and almost hit an officer.

"Chased him into some city streets and the vehicle ran a stop sign and got sideways, spun around so the suspect's car was pointed right at the deputy's car," Chief Criminal Deputy Robert Udell said. "The deputy heard him gun his engine and start to move toward him so he thought he was going to be hit, he believed the intention of the driver was to hit him but he accelerated, he got out of the way."

Udell said the 23-year-old continued the chase on foot into someone's backyard when police were able to arrest him.

Udelll said no one was injured but chases can be risky.

"When the risk of chasing somebody exceeds the benefit of catching them, we need to stop," he said.

Another car chase happened in Yakima on Friday night. According to police reports, 21-year-old Geovanny Gonzalez ran a red light on Nob Hill Blvd., leading to another chase that ended when Gonzalez's car struck a curb.

Yakima Police Captain Gary Jones did not comment on this specific chase but said Yakima has stricter police chase rules than before.

"One of the foremost is the seriousness of the crime," Jones said. "Our policy is serious felony should be involved and then what is the danger to the community if they were to terminate the pursuit."

Jones said risk to the community is not worth chasing a suspect down and police don't want innocent people to get hurt during these chases so they take extra precaution.

Dealba and Gonzalez appeared in court Monday, both charged with eluding. In addition, Dealba is charged with attempted vehicular assault, resisting arrest and hit and run.

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