Man held at knife-point in home invasion; police searching for two suspects

Man held at knife-point in home invasion; police searching for two suspects

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Armed with a knives, two men broke into a home on South 16th Avenue, a little before 5:00 P.M., yesterday.

"[They] walked in and confronted the resident. Threatened him with a knife, and threatened to tie him up, and ended up getting a lot of personal items," said Mike Bastinelli with the Yakima Police Department.

Bastinelli says the homeowner was renovating his home at the time, when the suspects barged in. While they didn’t physically harm the homeowner, they stole from him.

Bastinelli says a home invasion like this is highly unusual.

"It appears, at this time, to be random, which is quite rare, and the fact that it happened in the middle of the afternoon is also rare," he said.

Michael Padilla lives two houses down from where the home invasion occurred.

He was in the middle of installing security cameras when he spoke with Action News.

He says he’s lived in the neighborhood for over a decade, and is aware of the crime in the area. So, aside from arming himself, and putting extra locks on his doors, he’s taking it a step further to keep his family safe.

"I’m setting up cameras, and I wish I would’ve had them set up yesterday because I would’ve caught these people. They obviously went one way or the other, and I’m sure they passed in front of my house, and that just scares me," said Padilla.

Padilla tells me around the time of the crime, yesterday, he was sitting on his front porch, but he had no idea that steps away, his neighbor was being held at knife point.

Now, he’s racking his brain, trying to remember if he saw anything or anyone suspicious.

"I seen a white Caucasian pass in front of my house. He was in his 30s, I would say. He had kinda short to medium hair, kinda messed up. It was all messed up. And, just the way that he was looking around," said Padilla.

Police say they’re looking for a white man in his 30s, around six feet tall with blue eyes and a tattoo on his left shoulder, with the number '7.' They're also looking for a Hispanic man in his 30s, with a teardrop tattoo under his eye.

Yakima Police ask that you contact them at (509) 575-6200, if you have any information.

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