Man crashes into house, says he had to poop

    Man crashes into house, says he had to poop<p>{/p}

    YAKIMA, Wash. – According to reports, a man who lead police on a high-speed chase and crashed into a house told them it was because he had to poop.

    Yakima police say they first spotted 32-year-old Marlowe Olney near 4th and D Streets, when he sped through a stop sign, yesterday.

    When they tried to pull him over, they say the car continued speeding down D street.

    Reports say the car crashed through a fence on North 9th Street, and then into an abandoned house.

    Police arrested Olney on 10th Street, as they say he tried to run away.

    Aside from having to poop, he told police his car didn't have any brakes, so he couldn't pull over.

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