Mabton educators protest for a contract settlement

Mabton educators protest for a contract settlement

MABTON, Wash. -- Members of the Mabton Education Association want a new contract, saying their current contract isn't fair.

Mabton school teachers and members of the Mabton Education Association or MEA came out to the Mabton School District Board meeting to have their voices heard on a fair contract.

They held up signs, chanted and walked around the Mabton School District building.

President of MEA Will Schmick says they have been trying to negotiate with the district since June 30th but have not been able to come to a settlement.

“The past three years we have seen teacher after teacher after teacher leave. We need to settle a contract that will pay us competitively what other districts are getting,” said Schmick.

All the protesters made their way inside the board meeting where they then spoke out saying the Mabton School District can easily afford to increase educator compensation with the districts fund balance reserve of over 2 million dollars.

Schmick says they’ve already had around 30 teachers leave from Mabton to teach at other places that are willing to pay them more.

But Schmick and the educators weren’t the only ones voicing their opinion.

A student who used to attend one of the Mabton District Schools says he is worried about the future of his relatives living in Mabton because he feels like there aren’t enough resources for students or teachers there.

“You’re supposed to be the professionals you’re supposed to know what you’re doing. You should be helping the students, if you’re not doing that then why did you join the board,” said the student to the board.

I spoke with Board Chair Wendy Morrow and although she did not want to do an interview, she did say that they appreciate the staff coming out, they support the bargaining process and that they hope an agreement can be reached.

The educators contract will be brought up on the district’s board meeting on November 7th.

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