Low unemployment rate in Yakima may not always be a good thing

Low unemployment rate in Yakima may not always be a good thing

YAKIMA, Wa. -- A recent report shows unemployment is continuing to drop in Yakima County and more jobs are available.

The Washington State Employment Security Department released the unemployment rates for August 2018 showing the rate has fallen from last year.

Regional Labor Economist Donald Meseck says last year’s unemployment rate was 6.4 percent and this year the rate went down to 5.5 percent.

“In fact our current rate of 5.5 percent is the lowest rate we’ve had in recent recorded history since 1990 or since we started to compile electronic data," said Meseck

Meseck said this is definitely good for the economy since more jobs are being made for people but he says it can also be bad for employers.

Meseck says with more jobs being added, employers might have a harder time finding qualified workers.

“Some employers might find a harder time finding labor. It’s a more competitive market, so that will probably exert an upper pressure on wage rates," said Meseck.

Meseck also says although we are seeing the unemployment rate going down every month, it might not be the case by the end of the year.

He says by the end of the year we might see the unemployment rate go back up because the apple harvest will be over and many people in the agricultural fields might be unemployed.

“It’s almost a question of how low can it go you know historically our rates always go down and then they go up so I don’t know if it can go too much lower," said Meseck.

Meseck says people should focus on jobs in the non-farm industry which are growing more than agricultural jobs with a total of 3.4 non-farm jobs available right now.

Some of the non-farm jobs include jobs in the medical, government, education fields and much more.

For more information head over to the WorkSource website.

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