Low-cost vaccine,microchip clinic coming to Yakima Humane Society

Low-cost vaccine,microchip clinic coming to Yakima Humane Society.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Every day pets go missing, but the Yakima humane society is looking to help you keep track of them even after they've ran away.

They're having their annual low-cost vaccine and microchip clinic at the adoption center off Birchfield road this weekend.

Vaccines will be available for $10 and microchips for $15 each.

Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick with the Humane Society said getting your pet microchipped can greatly improve the chances of finding them if they go missing.

“Dogs who are not microchipped only have about a 22 percent chance to their home if they go missing. With that microchip that goes up to 50 percent. Cats, the statistics are even worse if they don't have a chip,” she said.

The clinic is going to be going on this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information on the clinic

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