Locals write to Congress urging immigration policy changes

Locals write to Congress urging immigration policy changes

YAKIMA, Wash. -- President Trump signed an executive order, earlier today, putting a stop to separating kids from their families, seeking asylum at the border.

In honor of World Refugee Day, locals gathered today to write letters to Congress, in response to the situation that's been going on the past few months.

They say they're asking government leaders to act, because they know this is just the beginning.

Local Sarah Glasscock says while an executive order was signed today to put a stop to the separation of families, she feels the battle is far from over.

“We knew that that clearly was not the law, and by signing an executive order stopping it, he proves that they were not telling the truth. They were lying. It is not the law. It is a Trump administration policy,” said Glasscock.

Locals say they'll be protesting outside of Dan Newhouse's Yakima office on Monday at 4:00 P.M., in response to immigration and the border.

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