Locals share ways to combat stress before school starts

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YAKIMA WA. --Summer vacation is over and that means kids are going back to school but this isn’t always an easy transition for students or their parents.

Rachel Lierman and her two children are getting ready for the school year to start and she says it can be hectic at times.

She says both her children usually get stressed about the change, who their new teacher will be or if they will make friends.

“Are their friends going to be in their class, who’s their teacher going to be. They like to know those things ahead of time,” said Lierman.

But children aren’t the only ones worried about the new school year, Lierman says she also needs to make sure she prepares ahead of time.

“It can be stressful we just like to start kind of like winding down this time of year so a few weeks before school starts we like kind of planning and organizing and getting ready,” said Lierman.

Clinical Psychologist at the Yakima Farm Workers clinic James Maxson says children can get overwhelmed when school starts because of grades, new friends or if their getting bullied.

Maxson says parents should look out for signs that indicate if your child is stressed.

“You kind of know your kid and kind of how they act most of the time and if something shifts, they probably won’t tell you what it is but that’s a big sign that something is going on for them,” said Maxson.

Maxson says if stress is not dealt with it makes it hard for kids to stay focused and get anything out of school.

“If it builds up over time it can become chronic and it can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety depending on how bad it is and what the focus of it is,” said Maxson.

He says a good way to help your child out during a stressful situation is to set up a time where the entire family talks about the positive and negative things that happened during their day.

He says parents should also try to get some help so that they are not doing everything on their own.

And if you are still getting stressed out, people can also use stress balls to alleviate tension other techniques include taking deep breathes or removing yourself from the situation.

Maxson also says making sure school supplies are bought ahead of time and children are getting back to their healthy sleeping and eating schedules can help make things a little bit easier for everyone.

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