Locals push to remove pit bull ban

Locals push to remove pit bull ban

YAKIMA, Wash.- Locals protested in downtown Yakima pushing for city council members to remove the pit bull ban.

For seven hours, demonstrators were chanting and waving signs reading "All Dogs Have Teeth" and "Stop Breed Discrimination," and they are reasons why they say Yakima’s pit bull ban needs to be lifted.

"These animals aren't dangerous because they wanted to be, they're dangerous because we as owners do not take proper care of them. We brought them in here, they are supposed to be a part of our family and our responsibility is to take care of them appropriately," said DeEtte Wood, a demonstrator.

On March 20th, the demonstrators will be asking city council to lift the pit bull ban and create stricter pet ownership requirements during the city council meeting at 6 p.m.

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