Locals push to make Eastern Washington its own state

    Locals push to make Eastern Washington its own state

    ZILLAH, Wash- Local representatives and community members are pushing for Eastern Washington to be its own state.

    This movement stemmed from some locals in Eastern Washington saying they aren't being represented politically, economically, and socially in the state.

    They say Seattle is taking control of the votes, and are asking Congress to take a vote on this.

    "I think the policy's that are coming out of downtown Seattle really are at odds with the majority of rural Washington and Eastern Washington in particular. Whether we are talking property rights, or talking the right to bear arms, there is such a divergence on those things," said 4th Legislative District Representative Matt Shea.

    Right now, Liberty State representatives have been traveling throughout Eastern Washington, and say they've received a nearly 75 percent support response.

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