Locals petition the city of Yakima to annex land on the west side of town.

Locals petition the city of Yakima to annex land on the west side of town.

YAKIMA, Wash.- The boundaries lines seem to get a little gray the further west you go from Yakima.

Is it Yakima? West Valley? Maybe both?

Well the city of Yakima is considering making this plot of land and homes it's new territory.

Yakima's city council could annex over nine acres on the west of town near the 96th Ave. and Tieton Dr. intersection.

But there' not really much out there besides some open land and just a few houses as well.

Which could be good for the city right?

“If that's filled in with homes or businesses there is a bit of a tax benefit to the city of Yakima, but it's not substantial. It's really not a way to grow your revenue significantly,” Randy Beehler with Yakima said.

But surprisingly enough, it wasn't the city that initiated the possible annexation.

People living in the area petitioned council to move the city limits around their homes to be part of Yakima.

City leaders said that small nine-acre change could lift a huge financial burden off the few homes in the area.

“For a single-family home, it costs about $3,000 dollars to hook up to the sewer system in the city. It cost around $4,500 for that same single-family home if it's located outside of city boundaries,” Beehler said.

This addition would be the latest in a long line of annexes Yakima has used to grow into the city it is today.

Here's Yakima back when it first became a city in 1886.

Hundreds of annexations later, Yakima around ten times the size in 2019.

So, while the possible latest addition might be small, they definitely add up over the years.

Council will hold a public meeting on February 5th to consider accepting the annexation.

If passed, it would be the first one since 2016. When the city added the land SOZO was built on.

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