Locals make resolutions they hope to accomplish in 2018

Locals make resolutions they hope to accomplish in 2018

YAKIMA, Wash. - A new year brings a new set of resolutions.

Some people make the same resolutions every year that they can't keep, while others get more creative.

One local woman Marsha Deccio said she wants to try to be a better person and be nicer to people this year.

"I make it a point to actually make eye contact and smile at people and it seems to make other people smile," Deccio said.

Others said they hope to spend more time with family. And our Facebook viewers said they hope to learn a new language, save money and stop smoking.

However, out of all of these resolutions, getting fit seems to be the top goal for many this year.

Diane Harris said she makes the same goal of getting healthy every year.

"Same as always, to eat healthy and lose weight and exercise," Harris said. "I would like to lose 30 pounds and do Jazzercise four times a week."

One local man said he has had a gym membership for a while and is hoping to put it to use this year.

West Valley Fitness General Manager Karli Thomas said she sees an increase of members in January, but they stop coming a few months later. She is encouraging people to stick with it.

"I feel a lot of people get discouraged, things happen, you get busy in the new year, but don't give up," Thomas said. "You came in here with a goal, you got the membership for a reason, don't give up."

Manager Elizabeth Evans said it's easier to work out with a friend.

"It's really great motivation to have a partner while you're working out because then you have somebody to hold you accountable," Evans said.

But no matter what your resolution, Thomas said setting goals help you stay on track.

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