Locals gather to honor our emergency responders

Locals gather to honor our emergency responders

YAKIMA, Wash.- The people who put their lives on the line every day were honored, and showed us what they do to keep us safe.

Locals gathered at Sarg Hubbard Park to honor our first emergency responders and to spread awareness on driving impaired.

Yakima Deputies brought their new K-9 Zuza for a demonstration, fire crews over at East Valley pried open a car, and police and state patrol had people see what it's like to drive impaired.

"We all drive, everyone of us are in a car at some point almost every day. It is something that can happen to any of us as far as a car wreck. Alcohol is involved in over half of all fatal accidents involved in more than one car,” said Cheif Criminal Deputy Robert Udell.

Awards were also given out to our local responders that worked tirelessly to keep our community safe.

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