Locals are concerned after Sunnyside cemetery employees run over veteran's graves

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SUNNYSIDE Wa. -- Locals are concerned about veteran's graves being driven over at a Sunnyside cemetery.

Erica Pina says when she went to visit her grandfather’s grave at the Lower Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery she noticed several veteran's graves along with her grandfather’s had tractor marks on them.

“My heart broke because I would not want that I would want someone to, if I was buried there, I would want a nice scenery where my family can go and be able to be at peace knowing that everything is okay," said Pina.

She isn’t the only one, several neighbors have been concerned as well speaking up on social media and sharing pictures.

Pina says she remembers mistreatment happening in this cemetery for years now but nothing is being done.

“That’s not how we honor our veterans and other people that’s our loved ones that are gone you know, they can’t speak so I’m speaking for them," said Pina.

We spoke with Cemetery General Manager Dan Williams who says this was an avoidable situation and it should never had happened.

“As far as going over the graves that’s unacceptable, my guys know that, they’ve been reprimanded for what is done, I can’t apologize enough, they can’t apologize enough," said Williams.

He says the workers have been retrained and should not make this type of mistake.

He says he has only been in the position for six months but will try and make sure this never happens again.

“There’s no excuses for that and I stand here before you guys and from the bottom of my heart I apologize to you guys for what has occurred here, that should’ve never happened, and as long as I’m here and I have control over that it will never happen again," said Williams.

Pina’s family has recently gone through another family loss and she says this time they will not be burying their family member at the Lower Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

All the graves at the cemetery that were driven over have now been fixed.

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