Local woman trying to reunite family with lost family photos from the 1970s

Local woman trying to reunite family with lost family photos from the 1970s

UNION GAP, Wash.- Pictures are sometimes the lasting memory of a friend or loved one.

That's why Amanda Harrison was confused to why she found over 100 family photos in the parking lot of the Domino's where she works.

“It's a brown box. We opened it up and it had little picture slides from 1972 to 1977 maybe older,” she said.

Harrison said she found them on the bumper of a white truck. She’s wondering if they were left there on purpose or if someone is still trying to find these pictures.

The box of photos has the names Lloyd and Jeff on the outside and a whole lot of family photos on the inside.

The pictures include scenes from Christmas to what looks like a wedding, family trips and everything in between.

The dates on the box say the images are from about 1972.

Which means the children in these photos would most likely be in their '40s and '50s by now.

“They're really old pictures. I don't want to throw it away. They could be something that someone really is searching for and they don't know where they put it,” Harrison said.

Harrison is the store manager of Domino’s on 3rd Avenue and Washington and said she's had the box for a couple of months now.

She’s tried to find the owner of the pictures through social media and word of mouth, but has had no luck finding them.

She said she'll hold on to them until someone claims them, because of how important they might be to the family.

“I would be really excited to get it back,” she said. “It's a lot of family pictures that you can't just recreate those.”

If the photos belong to you or someone you know, you can contact Harrison through Facebook or the Domino's store.

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