Local waste officials still searching for a new garbage transfer location

Local waste officials still searching for a new garbage transfer location

KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash.- Due to the county's population growth, the Kittitas County Solid Waste team is trying to keep up with the high amounts of trash.

"This one was built about 17 years ago, and it's expected life was 20 years," said Patti Johnson, Director of Solid Waste and Facilities Maintenance.

The county has two transfer sites where people can come and dispose their waste. One of those stations in Ellensburg is 10 acres, and the solid waste team is searching for a new location more than double that size.

"We started with looking all over the lower county, we started with over 35 sites I believe," said Johnson.

Johnson says flooding has also contributed to the problem.

"It has limited our operations on occasions, and we had to even close the facility due to flooding," said Johnson.

Locals also experience long waiting lines when trying to dump their trash.

"It's a lot of lines here, the wait is always quite a while, and it's pretty small for this area," said Jamie Colson, a resident in Ellensburg.

"The town is growing like crazy, and with all of the things currently going on, it's just too small," said Keith Crumrind, a resident in Ellensburg.

It is not yet determined when a new transfer site will be picked.

"We want to make sure when we do find the final site, we've got the correct site, and that it meets all of our needs," said Johnson.

You can see the full list of possible transfer locations and updates on the Kittitas County Washington website.

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