Local voters react to Washington gun initiative results

    Local voters react to Washington gun initiative results

    YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - Statewide Initiative 1639 concerning firearms is looking like it is going to pass but locals didn't vote that way.

    "If we're going to start outlawing weapons or restricting weapons, then what's next?" said Walt Brunner.

    He said he voted against Initiative 1639 and is not happy that it passed.

    Brunner said he doesn't think the law is going to stop the bad guys from getting guns and using them.

    "Laws don't prevent people from doing anything, they never have, they never will," he said. "This is a feel good law for people who think that criminals are going to obey it, and they won't."

    However, other locals like Joshua Norman said he thinks raising the age someone can purchase a semi-automatic rifle to 21 could prevent some of the school shootings happening around the country.

    "A kid could get a gun at 18, a semi-automatic," Norman said. "So many school shootings going on that's like the hottest topic on colleges."

    Right now I-1639 is passing statewide at a little over 60 percent, but that's not how the majority of locals voted.

    In Yakima County 57.43 percent of people voted no on the initiative and in Kittitas County 58.04 percent voted against it.

    Lead trainer at The Range David Kellett said this law is going to make selling semi-automatic rifles more challenging.

    Kellett said they will have to get an approved background check from the local police chief and the buyer will have to wait 10 days before purchasing the weapon.

    He said the law will also require buyers to have proper gun safety training and education on storage which Kellett said the range already offers.

    "It would be nice if we could continue to do that without the government mandate because education and encouragement among peers is far more effective than government mandate," he said.

    Kellett said they are a local gun shop that wants to keep everyone safe and will follow the law if it changes.

    Now the vote isn't final yet but assuming Initiative 1639 does pass it will go into effect next year.

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