Local small business contest to reward winner with $10,000

Local small business contest to reward winner with $10,000

YAKIMA, Wash.-- The Enterprise Challenge is gearing up to start in January. This year's winners, Debbie and Charlie Tierney of Whipsaw Brewing say it was an opportunity they’re happy they took advantage of.

“It’s helped us to step-by-step design a plan for the future, versus just kind of wandering aimlessly around,” said Tierney.

The Enterprise Challenge is a contest put on by the Yakima County Development Association. It’s aimed toward small businesses less than two years old, or people who are looking to start a business. It’s a three month process that provides workshops and access to community experts.

Jean Brown of the Economic Development Association says they do this to encourage small businesses to start and grow in the valley.

“We encourage you to sign up for the Enterprise Challenge to get your business off to the right start. It'll help you look forward and plan, and make you profitable in the long run,” said Brown.

The first place winner gets $10,000. Tierney says aside from the cash prize, she and her husband gained knowledge and a chance to network with people in the community, which they say otherwise wouldn't have been possible.

“Every step was a process and a learning opportunity, and we met some amazing business owners that have turned into friends, which is awesome, and you build relationships with people outside of your network, which I think is really important,” said Tierney.

Brown says each of the past seven winners have one thing in common, and she think this will hold true for the eighth.

“I always see from the get-go, the passion. If they come in with passion and drive, and they know their business is gonna be great; they have a vision that carries through – so all of our past winners have had that,” said Brown.

To get more information on the Enterprise Challenge, click here. The deadline to register is January 5th.

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