Local phone store gets 7th Bitcoin ATM in Washington

Local phone store gets 7th Bitcoin ATM in Washington

UNION GAP, Wash.- The Phone Shop in Union Gap is now one of the rare locations in the country to have a Bitcoin ATM.

Owners put in the ATM for Digital Crypto-Currency Monday, and the next closest ATM headed east is in Denver Colorado.

Phone Shop Owners Rosendo Lopez and Chris Briskey say Block Chain, which is the service that manages all of the bitcoin transactions, will be the new future.

"We see a long term investment with this. The way that digital money is money, and with all the other crypto-currencies that are our there, they are all turning them into digital money," said Owner Chris Briskey.

You can also purchase items at their store using Bitcoin and even receive a ten percent discount when you do.

The phone shop holds free bitcoin meetings every Wednesday at 7 p.m. for anyone interested in learning more about it.

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