Local parents scramble to find last-minute childcare on snow days

Local parents scramble to find last-minute childcare on snow days

WEST VALLEY, Wash. -- "I woke up and I was like, ‘Mom, no school!’" said 8-year-old Payton Knight.

Knight says she was thrilled to find out school was canceled at Apple Valley Elementary on Tuesday.

She says its about time kids got a snow day.

"I really like the snow and we’ve really had a summery winter, and now this is what we’ve been hoping for – snow," said Knight.

Knight is being looked after by a neighbor, Anna Shay, A.K.A. Nana.

With school being canceled for most districts throughout the Yakima Valley, Shay found herself doing some last-minute babysitting for seven kids, six of which are her grandchildren.

She says she was a little stressed about finding things to keep the kids busy.

"I was praying we would have something to do today and no fighting," said Shay.

Shay says she usually watches her 2-year-old granddaughter Brea, who seemed to be getting a kick out of the winter wonderland in her West Valley neighborhood.

Brea’s favorite thing to do?

"Slide on the snow. And I love snow in my mouth," said Brea.

But, it’s not always all fun and games, especially for parents who don’t have the luxury of childcare when their kids get snow days.

Working mom of two, Caitie McQuaid says she was forced to cancel an appointment, after being unable to find childcare, at the last minute.

"I ended up having to reschedule with my client today, and sometimes that’s difficult because either they’re taking off time from work or other things," said McQuaid.

Even though she had to cancel some work obligations, McQuaid says she’s still happy to spend the day with her two kiddos, Brayden and Quinn, who like most kids, were happy for an extra day off.

"They love it. They’re both snow bunnies so they wanted to spend the whole day out in the snow," said McQuaid.

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