Local food bank handing out beef to needy families

Local food bank handing out beef to needy families

TOPPENISH, Wash.-- It started in 2010, when Robert Rebholtz, President of Agri Beef, thought he wanted to make a difference.

“Since then, we've raised almost three-quarters of a million dollars. We've also given over a million meals in the state of Washington,” said Rebholtz.

Agri Beef and the Washington Beef Community formed Beef Counts, an organization dedicated to providing beef to local food banks. Beef Counts and local food bank, 2nd Harvest, joined forces, and multiple times a year, they set up mobile food banks throughout the community.

During the holidays, though, Rebholtz says they like to do it big. Today, they let locals fill their boxes with meat, bread, milk, and other foods, to make a nice Christmas meal.

"We give thanks for the food that they are giving us the day of today, because it helps us all out, and we are really grateful,” said food bank visitor Alicia Andrade.

Rebholtz says he feels blessed to be in a position where he can give back to local communities that support the beef industry.

“It feels great to be a part of it - to try as best as we can to make a difference. Obviously, the need is greater than what we can do, but I think that the more the community bands together, and sees a need like this, and tries to support it any way we can, the better off we'll be,” said Rebholtz.

2nd Harvest and the Washington Beef Community’s Beef Counts will be making a stop in Yakima, tomorrow.

They'll be at Grace Lutheran Church from 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Grace Lutheran Church is located at 1207 South 7th Avenue.

They ask that you bring your own boxes.

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