Local election employees share what you need to know before sending off your ballot

Local election employees share what you need to know before sending off your ballot

YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima County Election employees are now expecting their peak of election ballots to come in. Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says before you send off your ballot, there are some key things you should make sure you have done before sending your ballot off.

The first thing is to make sure you are signing the back of your ballot envelop before you mail it if you want your vote to count. So far Yakima County Elections have had 80 ballots come in the mail without signatures.

"If you want your ballot to count you will need to get that back to us prior to election day, or at least make sure it's postmarked so that we can prove that you corrected your signature prior to election night," said Ross.

Ross says if you are one the those 80 who have not signed your ballot, you will have a notice sent in the mail to tell you how to fix it.

Yakima County Election employees have also received almost 35 mismatched signatures, which Ross says is about normal. He says last year's unmatched signature count in Wapato was out of the ordinary, with the amount of signatures we have in the county right now was the same amount for that town.

"It's one of the reasons why we were all so curious. There were just such a high concentration of mismatched signatures in one district," said Ross.

Ross says they have had some concerns from locals about Russian hackers breaking into the system and stealing their vote. He says it's nearly impossible for that to happen, and should the least of voters worries.

"In order to get to your ballot, they would have to break into the courthouse, pass two security systems and then get onto a computer system that's completely not connected to the internet. When it comes to election results we are 100 percent confident that the results will always match up with the audit," said Ross.

If you have already got your ballot in the mail, but your name changed and your previous name was mailed to you, destroy that ballot and mail back the one that has your current legal name.

Or If you get a ballot in the mail that doesn't belong to you, make sure to write on the ballot that it's not yours and send it back in the mail.

If you haven't received a ballot in the mail yet, contact the Yakima County Auditors Office at 509-574-1340.

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