Local e-cigarette stores say new state regulations are positive for business

Vape Spot Owner Carrie Bertrand says the passing of new regulations support the work they've already had in place

YAKIMA, Wash.--A new bill recently signed by Governor Jay Inslee puts stricter regulations on the sales of e-cigarettes and vape products.

"We're actually pretty excited about the legislation," said Vape Spot Owner Carrie Bertrand.

Bertrand has no problem with the passing of the state's new e-cigarettes rules.

Those new rules are part of Governor Inslee's Healthiest Next Generation Initiative, which put a tighter hold on preventing minors from getting their hands on such products.

For the Vape Spot, this backs the work they continue to strive for.

"It just legitimizes us as an adult store that specializes in helping people quit smoking and that we don't want it in the hands of minors," said Bertrand.

Under the new regulations, all vapor and e-cigarette products must have child-proof packaging and bans using these devices within 500 feet from a school.

According to the Centers of Disease Control, one in five high school seniors in Washington reported using e-cigarettes in 2014, up from one in 14 in 2012.

Bertrand hopes these new laws will curb any stereotypes people have with e-cigarette and vapor stores.

"I think there was a lot of negative controversy out there or negative ideas that we were promoting vaping and electronic cigarettes to kids under 18," she said.

The new laws are still pretty fresh so stores will have to make sure they're up to code.

But more rules doesn't scare Bertrand or her bottom line.

"It's the state pushing forward what we already believe in and what we've already been doing," she said.

If you'd like more information about the new regulations, click here.

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