Local custom cake shop crafting unique flavors for weddings

Local custom cake shop crafting unique flavors for weddings

ELLENSBURG, Wash. - Natalie DeHaven and her cake business made it to the top 8 of the Enterprise Challenge, where local entrepreneurs create a business plan and compete to grow their business.

DeHaven said her cake business is just over five years old and it all started when her two friends got married and asked her to make their wedding cake.

"They insisted, they encouraged me, they said your stuff is good and you need to get it out there," DeHaven said. "People need to know your name and what you're doing and you really need to make a business out of this."

So she made a cake for their wedding and has been creating cakes for others ever since.

She said she got her skills from her parents, her mom's baking genes and her dad's artistic talent. DeHaven said her creative cakes set her aside from everyone else.

"I pull a lot of inspiration from fashion and nature and so really anything goes," she said. "When it comes to cake everything is changing, there's all kinds of really new cool techniques that you can apply to cake that you wouldn't think could be edible and beautiful at the same time."

DeHaven offers unique cake flavors such as Irish stout, caramel latte, lemon drop and lavender lemonade. She can also make gluten-free cakes and is working on a vegan recipe.

She runs the business by herself, making all the cakes and cupcakes for weddings, anniversary parties or any special occasion.

DeHaven said if she won the Enterprise Challenge and the $10,000 she would work on growing her business.

"I think I could do a lot with that," she said. "I could hire an employee, I could buy new equipment, I could put that money into marketing so I could reach more clients and take on more orders."

DeHaven finds out if she won the challenge on March 29.

For more information on Natalie DeHaven's Cakes you can visit her website.

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