Local code Enforcement inspecting a Selah apartment complex

Local code Enforcement inspecting a Selah apartment complex

SELAH, Wash.- These Selah Apartments have had several code violation concerns dated back to the 1990's according to a lawsuit filed by the City of Selah.

Code enforcement and building codes department arrived this morning to inspect the property due to a recent incident that involved the Selah Fire Department coming to the property a few weeks ago.

"In the unit someone had fallen through the floor, and had to be rescued by our fire department. They invited the City of Selah in because they were being evicted from their unit," said Jeff Peters, Building Officer for the City of Selah.

The reports say the floor had rotted and had major water damage, which is why she fell. The landlord Steven Owens evicted the tenants after the incident happened.

"We did find that there was a hole in the floor that had not been repaired, and there was other signs of degradation on the buildings that we needed to look into," said Peters.

Code enforcement had a judge approval to come and inspect all units.

"We are inspecting the homes everything from fire life safety issues, correct exiting from in and out of the buildings, check for appropriate wiring of the home, significant element structures to make sure it's structurally sound," said Peters.

All tenants were given a two week notice before the inspection. Action News asked the owner of the property, Steven Owens, for a statement but he declined to comment.

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