A local barbershop is cutting hair for those in need

Local Barbershop Cutting Hair for Those in Need

YAKIMA, Wash.- Barbers from all over Yakima Valley came to Saint's Barbershop to cut hair for a good cause.

For the second year, Saint's Barbershop gave free haircuts to the homeless, veterans, active military, and first responders.

"Last year it was amazing some of the people who come and you get to hear their stories. It's always nice to give back and put a smile on somebody's face," said Roman Parris, a barber who volunteered today.

They also collected food and donations that will be given to local charities. Instead of closing their shop during regular hours, today they will be cutting hair until the last person that comes into their shop leaves.

"I seen how people were coming in and just seeing how they needed the help with haircuts and they were so excited. Just that brought me back again this year to keep giving back to the community," said Jhonny Mendoza, a barber who volunteered today.

Mendoza says they want to put on more events and show people the good in Yakima.

"We want to show the valley and let them know that we want to give back to them, and that not a lot of negative things come from this valley," said Mendoza.

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