Local authorities are monitoring drugs on social media

Local authorities are monitoring drugs on social media

ELLENSBURG, Wash.- Anticrime detectives at the Ellensburg Police Department handle several drug cases throughout the year, but in today's society they aren't catching people in the same ways anymore. Recently, they arrested suspects who were selling drugs over social media.

"They have to keep up with times right? So in today's world everything is done on a smart phone, including selling drugs," said Ellensburg Police Captain Dan Hansberry.

Hansberry says this recent case was a new experience for the department.

"It's not uncommon for there to be some social media type interaction with someone who is selling drugs, but for the whole arrangement to be done on social media was kind of a first for our detectives to uncover," said Hansberry.

Hansberry says that their detectives catch people of all ages, but this most recent social media investigation pertained to the youth.

"These young people just don't understand, they think it's an extension of their thoughts and an extension of their opinions, but there's quite a few crimes that can be a result of what they share and what they do," said Hansberry.

Hansberry says that majority of the time, the parents don't know what their kids are doing with their phone until it's too late, and recommends that parents be more involved with their kids social media.

"Know what your kids are doing, have that trust with your child. They can still have some since of privacy, but also that there's going to be some accountability as to what they use their phones for," said Hansberry.

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