Legends Casino Hotel donates over one million dollars to the community

Legends Casino Hotel donates over one million dollars to the community

TOPPENISH, Wash -- Legends Casino Hotel is handing over over $1 million Wednesday tonight to some local organizations doing good in our community.

Legends said they received almost 500 applications and were able to award just over 200 non-profits. The grant money is for local non-profits and community efforts such as fire and police.

Legends Assistant Marketing Director Deirdre Fojuwaye said they think it's important to give back to the community because they wouldn't be here without them.

"We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary and we couldn't have done that without the support of our community," Fojuwaye said. "We love to be able to give back here and they supported us for so many years."

Legends said they put aside $543,000 to public safety such as the Toppenish Police and Fire Department for new equipment.

The rest of the money totaling $480,000 will go to local non-profits for educational programs, survival materials for the homeless, vaccines for pets, assistance for seniors and more.

Legends said this year they gave the most money to schools.

"Education is one of the biggest things we like to support because education is our future and our future depends on the children getting their needs met," Fojuwaye said.

One of the recipients is the Selah School District, they received around $10,000 in grants for various programs. One interesting one is purchasing equipment for salmon in the classroom.

If you come down to the casino and play some slots, 0.5 percent of what you put in will go to these grants.

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