Law enforcement, parents and students learn how to be internet safe


YAKIMA Wa. -- As the popularity of social media grows more kids in our area are getting exposed to cybercrime.

Yakima School Resource Officers received a three-day training course this week to be cybercrime prepared during the new school year.

Retired Cybercrime Detective Richard Wistocki who taught the class, started a consulting firm and travels around the world teaching internet safety precautions.

Wistocki says it’s important to train Resource Officers on cybercrime because they deal with children every day.

“I saw that there was a really lack of knowledge when it comes to resource officers on social media," said Wistocki.

He says he has taught Resource Officers to make sure they don’t ignore crimes and that they don’t mistakenly re-victimize those who’ve already been hurt.

But Resource Officers aren’t the only ones who need to be prepared.

Wistocki says it’s important for parents and teens to get educated as well.

“I restrict it only for family and everything else I make sure that only the friends can be able to see it," said a parent.

“I would be monitoring what they’re looking at all the time. Making sure they’re changing their passwords every couple weeks," said a parent.

Wistocki says some of the most common cybercrimes he’s seen that involves kids is sexual extortion, cyber bullying and computer tampering.

He says many parents are not always aware of what their child is doing online.

“The first thing I tell parents is that they are responsible for their kids technology. I don’t care if grandpa, grandma, nana, nonu, whomever gave them that brand new device, their kid does not own it, the parent allows them to have it," said Wistocki.

Wistocki says parents should monitor their kid’s computers, have access to their children’s online lives and learn warning signs when a child seems to be hiding something.

He also says it’s important to teach children when to say no and to not accept anything from strangers in person or online.

Wistocki also has a website where students and parents can complete an online safety course and learn more about cybercrime.

To visits the website click here.

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