Last dairy farm in Kittitas County now closed


    YAKIMA, Wa. -- Many family owned farms are going out of business including the very last dairy farm in Kittitas County which is shutting down after more than four decades.

    The Scott Dairy Farm in Ellensburg once had hundreds of cows but now it’s empty and most of the cows are gone.

    Owners Mike and Pam Scott said this is a sad moment for them but it was time to let go.

    “It’s sad, but happy also, because like my husband says he actually gets to have a life now,” said Pam.

    Mike and Pam Scott have been operating the dairy farm since 1971 in Kittitas County and were making a living out of the milk they sold to Darigold Incorporated.

    Pam says she remembers almost 20 dairy farms in the county in the 80s but they all slowly started shutting down, and now even they have called it quits.

    “The price of milk is pretty low right now and then you have the other component of the feed to actually feed the girls and so when you’re milk price is lower than your feed cost then it’s like you can only do that for so long,” said Pam.

    Pam says big corporations are now taking over the industry which is causing many local farmers to close down, which hurts all the other businesses that depend on them.

    “If we’re gone, the hay farmers who are they going to sell they’re hay to or they’re grain to and stuff like that and you start diminishing a lot of those dairy farmers,” said Pam.

    Pam’s son Jeff Scott said this is not just happening in Ellensburg, he said several dairy farms across the Yakima Valley are also starting to close down.

    “It’s always the corporations that make all the money the little man always falls and just remember when you go down there, the way things are going right now there’s not going to be milk available you’re going to be buying soy milk, you’re going to be buying almond milk, you know all the different alternatives," said Jeff.

    Jeff says they hope people support local farms and businesses before they’re all gone for good.

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