Lack of snow can make it dangerous, expensive for any snowmobilers on the trails

    Lack of snow can make it dangerous, expensive for any snowmobilers on the trails.

    YAKIMA, Wash.- Snow has covered the mountains and it made its way into the valley this week, but while skiers are riding high, snowmobilers continue to wait for more powder to come down.

    “Depressing is the best word I can use. Usually I’m starting right around Thanksgiving and I’ve gone up once with the family and it was below average at best,” avid snowmobiler Dane Pierone.

    Yakima got a few inches of snow this week and it's the most we've gotten all winter, but it's still not deep enough for those that are ready to get out on their snowmobiles.

    And if you end up running into a bunch of little rocks under the snow, it can end up being a big problem.

    A problem Premier Power Sports service manager Arlo Irby said he’s seen many times already in his workshop.

    The recent snow has encouraged snowmobilers to get their sleds out there, but many of their rides are left broken and battered.

    Which has kept everyone busy in the garage busy.

    “We've sold out of our A-Arms twice already. So far, we did have one total where he caught something on the road and hit a tree at about 50,” he said.

    Irby said he hasn't been out on the trails because he's waiting for more powder to come down, but that hasn't stopped others from testing them out.

    And Irby said they all come in like clockwork to fix what was broken.

    “For about four hours every Tuesday morning. People buying parts,” he said.

    The pack around popular snowmobile spots have about half the amount of snow needed for a safe ride.

    So, the lower pack level could put riders in danger and have them paying more than a thousand dollars in repairs.

    “Last year with twice the amount of snow we still found a covered rock that cost me $1,500 in damage going five miles per hour,” Pierone said.

    Irby recommends staying on the trail if you decide to go out there, but snowmobilers can only wait and pray for more snow to come down soon.

    “If you could have mother nature give me a bill ole dump of snow, I’d really appreciate it,” Pierone said.

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