La Salle art students complete mural for the Wenas Mammoth Foundation

Students from La Salle High School make a modern contribution to a prehistoric site.

SELAH, Wash.- Art students from La Salle High School were out all day on Wednesday and Thursday working on a larger than life mural that will replicate a larger than life mammal.

The Wenas Mammoth Foundation was started in 2012, after bones of a Columbian Mammoth and a Bison Antiquus were discovered along a private drive in the Wenas Valley back in 2005.

The foundation's president says nearly 50 mammoths have been discovered around Central and Eastern Washington, but this mammoth is different.

"The majority of those are the ones that got caught up in the great Missoula Ice Age Flood. This mammoth actually lived and died 300 feet above the highest of those floods so it makes the site rather unique,” said Bronwyn Mayo, President of the Wenas Mammoth Foundation.

Now students from La Salle High School are working on this mural, equally as unique. The mural serves not only as a beautiful addition to the site, but an educational one.

"We've basically talked about the different kinds of animals and the growth in the animals. We studied a lot of bone structure and the kids have practiced drawing 10 to 20 times of the mammoth and the bison," said Jamina Jones, La Salle art teacher.

It's also a project that gives the students a sense of pride.

"It makes me definitely want to do better with it and make it look really good cause I know people are going to come see it and look at it and I want to be like, “yea, that's mine. I painted that,” said Katie Bliesner, an art student from La Salle.

Leaders from the foundation are already impressed and grateful for La Salle's contribution to the site.

"We're hoping it's another piece that really supports what we're trying to teach and that's the history of this valley,” said Mayo.

And giving us all a sense of wonder of what the valley looked like 17,000 years ago.

If you'd like to check out this amazing mural these students have been working on or to learn more about the Wenas Mammoth Foundation you can find all that information here.

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