Kittitas County students take part in 17th Annual Elementary Agriculture Appreciation Day

Kittitas County students take part in 17th Annual Elementary Agriculture Appreciation Day

ELLENSBURG, Wash.--Hundreds of Kittitas County students have some insight as to why agriculture is an important part of everyday life.

Even it's in 17th year, the goal behind Elementary Agriculture Appreciation Day remains the same.

To show the younger generation the food they eat and products they have can come from their own backyard.

"So many of these kids don't know anything about agriculture or don't know anything about the agriculture in the county," said Mark Crowley of the Kittitas County Conservation District.

Students from all across Kittitas County spent Tuesday at more than 10 different stations learning about crop production, raising livestock and even how to properly wash your hands.

For some, the big tractors were a hit.

"We got to go in them and they look really really cool," said Lincoln Elementary third grade student Parker Sterkel.

Others enjoyed the live animals.

"I like seeing the pigs because I'm doing 4-H this year to see pigs," said Lincoln Elementary third grade student Joslyn Rice.

For various reasons...

"I like seeing the pigs because they were going to be our new bacon," said Lincoln Elementary fourth grade student Audrey Wolfenbergar.

Students were able to get up close and personal with things like an actual bale wagon. Just one example to show how important the agricultural industry truly is.

Event leaders said the hands-on experience gives students a better understanding of these types of specialized work.

An appreciation that even some adults might not have.

"That [noxious] weed stuff, some people don't know how to control it and they could be learning about how to control it," said Wolfenbergar.

It's that "Ah-ha!" moment that makes this event both fun and unique for everyone involved.

"It's pretty exciting to see the thrill on the third graders face, when the light comes on and say 'Oh wow, how that happens or where that comes from,'"said Crowley.

About 440 students took part in Elementary Agriculture Appreciation Day on Tuesday which featured volunteers from local agriculture groups.

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