East Valley offering full days of school to gets kids ready for kindergarten

    East Valley offering full days of school to gets kids ready for kindergarten

    MOXEE, Wash. - Mrs. Mosebar's class gets ready for another day of learning at Moxee Elementary. These students are now in their third week of school in the East Valley Kinder BRIDGE program.

    Director Jeri Young said the program is designed for students who need more help developing their skills, so they get an extra six months of kindergarten.

    "How to be in a social setting with other students, follow directions, possibly fine motor skills like using scissors and cutting and pasting, those kinds of things," Young said.

    Kinder BRIDGE Teacher Victoria Mosebar said students come into her classroom with various levels of learning and they don't want any kids falling behind so she gets students on the same page.

    "Very interesting to see kids come in and some have had some sort of experience, some kids have been at home with relatives, so it's interesting to see all the different levels that they come through," Mosebar said. "It's just

    exciting to see them grow."

    These kids are learning a kindergarten curriculum, such as counting to 20, shapes, colors, sounds and writing. So when the kids enter kindergarten next year, they will be on pace and ready to move forward in the classroom.

    The program is only in its second year but local teachers say kids are already benefiting.

    "It's nice to hear from their current kindergarten teachers who were blown away with how they were able to sit on the carpet and writing their name and knowing letter and sounds," Mosebar said.

    The program is for four and five-year-olds entering kindergarten the following year. It is 18 weeks of full days in the classroom, starting during the second half of the school year.

    East Valley and West Valley School Districts are the only local schools to offer the Kinder BRIDGE program.

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