Kids ride in heavy machinery for Dozer Day

Kids ride in heavy machinery for Dozer Day

YAKIMA, Wash.- Today one local organization is letting let kids drive large construction equipment.

From dozers, to tractors and other heavy machinery, kids get to drive and learn about all the different companies in Yakima that use these machines.

Kids twelve and up can also drive the bigger equipment like cranes. Workers from the Home Builders Association say this kid-focused event helps children experience a wide variety of career opportunities.

"It teaches about service and it also teaches about all of the different things that you experience on a construction site. Kids see all of this equipment moving but they don’t know how it actually operates. Dozer Day allows them to really find all of that out," said Executive Director at Central Washington Home Builders Association Carly Faul.

Dozer Day will continue again tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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