Students in Yakima help provide thousands of meals to those battling hunger

Students in Yakima help provide thousands of meals to those battling hunger

YAKIMA, Wash. - Schools in Yakima have collected more than 50,000 pounds of food.

According to Northwest Harvest, 50,000 pounds of food equals 38,651 meals for those in need.

KIMA's annual canned food drive, Kids for Cans, promoted friendly competition among 24 schools in the Yakima area. Northwest Harvest worked with these local schools, inviting students and their families to help fight hunger in the community.

Some notable achievements included donations from East Valley High, which managed to gather 4,185 pounds of food with 873 students, and Camas Elementary in Wapato, with 700 students collecting 3,888 pounds of food.

According to Sheri Bissell, Community Engagement Manager for Northwest Harvest, Christ the Teacher Catholic swept the competition, collecting a total of 10,591 pounds of provisions with contributions from 161 students. This would average to each student contributing just over 65 pounds of food.

The same school won the competition in 2016, under the name St. Paul.

Christ the Teacher Catholic 7th grader Kaylee Truhler said she is excited her school won again.

"It feels really good that we're such big contributors in helping our community two years in a row," Kaylee said.

Student Devin Seaman said they need to remember to give back to the community.

"I feel the need to help our community because we often forget how lucky we are to be fortunate enough to have food and basic essentials," Devin said. "So it's really great to be able to give back to the community."

The school's biggest contribution was through monetary funds, raising $1,680 dollars which equals almost 10,000 pounds of food.

Principal Heather Remillard said she is proud of her students.

"I just want people to know that the kids at Christ the Teacher are a giving community and their families are as well," she said. "I am really proud of what they were able to accomplish at almost doubling what they had done the year before."

Remillard said she promised her students she would dress up in a chicken suit for the day and do the chicken dance when the school is awarded it's trophy.

The following is a list of schools that participated in the 2017-18 competition.

  • Apple Valley Elementary (1,015 total lbs)
  • Camas Elem Wapato 3888 lbs (700 students=5.5 lbs per student)
  • Christ the Teacher Catholic (10,591 total lbs) / (161 students= 65.8 lbs. per student)
  • Davis High School (754 lbs)
  • East Valley Central (3273 lbs of food)
  • East Valley Elementary (674 lbs)
  • East Valley High (4185 lbs)
  • Eisenhower High (2660 lbs)
  • Franklin Middle School (728 lbs)
  • Garfield Elementary (198 lbs)
  • Gilbert Elementary (6,929 total lbs)
  • Lewis & Clark Middle (912 lbs of food)
  • McClure Elementary (362 lbs)
  • McKinley Elementary (617 lbs)
  • Moxee Elementary (848 lbs)
  • Naches Valley Middle (662 lbs)
  • Nob Hill Elementary (2,857 total lbs)
  • Robertson Elementary (973 lbs)
  • Roosevelt Elementary (2160 lbs)
  • Terrace Heights Elem (619 lbs)
  • Washington Middle (350 lbs)
  • Whitney Elementary (3,618 total lbs)
  • Wilson Middle School (857 lbs)
  • YV Tech Skills Center (517 lbs)
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