Kids for Cans helps families battling hunger

Kids for Cans helps families battling hunger

YAKIMA, Wash.-- With many kids and families wondering where their next meal will be, Northwest Harvest partners up with schools all over Yakima to fight this epidemic.

“It really is youth helping youth. It’s kids in the schools learning that their neighbor next door might be struggling with hunger and they don't even know. And it just gives them a sense of knowing what it’s like to give back to their community. And just knowing how important that is,” said Northwest Harvest’s Community Engagement Manager Sheri Bissell.

Northwest Harvest invites students and their families to take part in KIMA's annual Kids for Cans. It's a food drive that goes from now until January 31st. Local schools compete to see who can bring in the most pounds of food per student.

“That's the fun part about this. There's nothing fun about being hungry, but we can make it fun to help, and that's what this challenge is about,” said Bissell.

Last year's winner was Christ the Teacher Catholic School. They won the KIMA traveling trophy and a visit from our anchors. The school brought in 32 pounds of food per student. Teacher Kristen Blodgett said it was easy to get the kids and families motivated.

“It was important for us to win because we wanted to serve the community, but we were really excited to have KIMA come to our school, and the kids were really excited to see the anchors come to our school, which was really neat,” said Blodgett.

Christ the Teacher Catholic School is hoping to pull out another win, this time around. Although they are the smallest school participating, they said don't underestimate them.

We are a small school. We're a private catholic school, and living like Christ is incredibly important to us. So even though we're small, we're a mighty school, so we encouraged the students to keep bringing food in and we won,” said Blodgett.

Northwest Harvest said they're looking for canned goods, but they also welcome donations through crowdrise. Each dollar is equal to about six pounds of food.

For more information on how you and your school can get involved, visit

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