Immigration reform supporters want change to ruling so families stay together


YAKIMA, Wash. -- Supporters for immigration reform gathered in front of the Federal Courthouse on Friday, hoping for a change that prevents families from being separated from each other.

"There's no reason for nobody to separate families." says One America Orgaznier, Ivan Sandoval.

It's been over a year since President Obama's ruling on immigration that protects millions of immigrants from being removed from the country.

On Monday a federal appeals court struck down the President's ruling, preventing any progress of his plan.

Here in Yakima, organizers with One America came together with the community to show their support for Obama's plan.

Sandoval has 14 siblings, with many of them still in Mexico. He says the struggle of trying to bring families together is something he knows all too well.

"I have brothers over there that can't cross over here. I have brothers over here that can't go over there, so it's pretty sad. That's what I'm fighting for, because people, families, need to get united again," said Sandoval.

Friday morning the Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to review the President's plan and to hear the case.

Supporters like Kimberly Aleman are hopeful for a positive outcome.

Her family is here in town with her, but she's worried they could be separated in an instant, without notice.

"To be able to someday have our parents here legally and not having to think of the fear that tomorrow comes and we get home and our parents are not there," says Aleman.

Many across the nation, including here in Yakima, understand a decision from the Supreme Court could take a long time.

But a decision in favor of Obama's reform will be an eye opener not just for immigrants, but for everyone living in the United States.

"If it would become true, if it were to make it all the way. It would be so amazing. I would be so glad. I guess all the people are going to be so glad. They would start believing that there's justice in this country," says Sandoval.

About 30 people came out to the immigration rally. A ruling from the Supreme Court is not expected until next year.

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