Hundreds march the streets for women's rights

Hundreds march the streets for women's rights

YAKIMA, Wash.- Nearly 1,000 people took part in the second Women's March in Yakima today.

"Although things seem really rough at times for so many people right now, there are so many people that care and we can honestly do anything. That's why I’m here to march, to show that we won't be silenced," said Keelin Weekly, a community member.

Participants say they're marching for female empowerment, hope for the future, and equality for all.

"Today is being united, and love and care for one another. That's what our country is about and we need to walk forward with that promise to one another," said Stew Carey, a community member.

Several speakers from all over Washington came and shared their stories, preaching to the crowd that they must fight for their liberties and their rights.

"I am here today because I'm more than my legal status in this country and I'm more than the color of my skin," said Rocío Carrión, Executive Director and Co-Founder of I AM Empowerment LLC.

Last year an estimated 2.6 million people marched for women's rights all over the nation.

Now as the new year unfolds, midterm elections are approaching. Prompting march organizers the make this year's theme "Power to The Polls," as a way urge the community that every vote counts.

"Seeing and embracing diversity is what makes America great. Now that I’m 18, I know I have to do my part and in ensuring that people in elected office are ready to represent me," said Joy Dumas, a Davis High School Senior.

After the rally, participants went around the community asking people their issues and priorities, and what they hope to see done in the future.

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