Hops from Yakima Valley chosen for royal brew

Hops from Yakima Valley chosen for royal brew.

TOPPENISH, Wash.- In a few months, you're going to be able to smell hops in every part of the valley during harvest season.

However, people attending the royal wedding will be able to taste these hops in the United Kingdom next month.

“It's definitely put Yakima on the international map and now people all over the country and the world are aware that Yakima contributed in some way to the royal wedding,” Alex Rumbolz said.

Rumbolz is with YCH Hops and met with a brewer in the U.K. who said the Simcoe hops would be mixed into the royal brew.

That specific hop is grown by Perrault farms over in Toppenish and was developed by the Select Botanicals Group in Yakima County.

Jason Perrault is the CEO of the farm and said the Simcoe hop was released in 2000, but they didn't have success selling it right away.

“We had a hard time getting commercial acceptance at all is very difficult for brewers at the time to accept a variety with such a unique aroma,” he said.

He said despite the lack of initial success, one thing helped it become one of the most popular hops the valley produces.

“Craft beer,” Perrault said. “Once craft beer became more prominent and more popular. Particular hop forward craft beer, like IPA's and pale ales styles. That's when Simcoe started to shine.”

Farms like Perrault grow and harvest the hops and then send it to a middle man like YCH Hops.

Who then processes the hops and packages for sale to breweries all over the world.

Rumbolz said getting these local hops into international events like the royal wedding means they're staying true to their mission.

“It's all about family farms to the world's finest brewers and I think in this case we did that,” he said.

Perrault said he doesn't really follow what's going on with the royal wedding, but he's excited anytime a brewer decides to use hops to make beer.

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