Homemade hacks to winterize your car

Homemade hacks to winterize your car

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Local Diego Vargas says he’s guilty of driving recklessly this time of year, but not as reckless as someone he’s heard of.

"I just scrape off the driver’s side," Vargas said. "A guy was driving with his head out the window because the ice, and then he crashed, and I was like, 'Geez, I would not try that.' He was trying to pull an Ace Ventura."

We’ve all been there, though, in a hurry to start our busy days in the morning.

We step outside to find our windshield is covered in ice.

Now, you’re late to dropping your kids off at school or strolling in 10 minutes late to work.

So, Action News did some digging, and we were able to find some helpful tips to get you and your family on your way fast, during these freezing mornings.

To melt out your windshield, you can mix 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol with 1/3 cup of water, and spray the night before, to prevent ice from forming in the morning.

You can also spray it after there’s ice on your windshield.

"This’ll be a helpful tip, because if you're in a rush to go to work, just spray this on, melts right away, and you're on your way and being safe," said Vargas.

Looking for some other shortcuts?

When you get home, try slipping some socks over your windshield wipers, so they don’t freeze to your windshield.

And keep those side mirrors from frosting, by slipping plastic baggies over them, and securing them with a rubber band.

Have a problem with your car doors freezing shut?

Spray some cooking oil on the rubber gaskets to prevent ice from forming.

And if frost is keeping you from unlocking your car door, rub some hand sanitizer on the keyhole and the key, and that should do the trick.

Talking to local John Martin about some of these winter hacks, he says he’s got some of his own cheats.

"I’d get the windshield wipers to stop mid-frame, and then stick a big piece of cardboard in there, and the windshield wipers would hold it, and voila! There’s no scraping, take the cardboard in the morning, and we’re done," said Martin.

You can also park with your windshield facing east so that the sun starts melting the ice; and defog the inside of your windshield with a chalkboard eraser.

Just make sure all your windows are frost free before you get behind the wheel, because if they’re not and you get pulled over in the state of Washington, be prepared to cough up $136.

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