Heritage University will help high school students receive college credit for free

Heritage University will help high school students receive college credit for free

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Yakima School District is teaming up with Heritage University to help high school students receive college credit for free, while in their high school classes.

YSD Superintendent Jack Irion and Heritage University President Andrew Sund signed a memorandum of understanding Monday that will make Heritage the primary provider of free college credits for high school students in Yakima.

President Sund said they have decided to provide this service for free because they want to help students continue their education after high school.

“Heritage University and the high school systems throughout the valley we are partnered in trying to help people obtain a higher education and whatever mechanisms we can use to further young people in this quest for a college degree, we try to do it,” said Sund.

Any student attending Davis High School or Eisenhower High School will have the opportunity to take the college courses at their high school campus which will give them credits for secondary education and college at the same time.

The courses that will be offered include English, history, math and science.

The credits earned from the courses can be transferred not only to Heritage University but to any other college or university, as well.

Dr. Irion says they work with other universities and colleges to provide this same service but Heritage is the only university providing these services for free.

Dr. Irion says this is a great opportunity for students to not have to worry about college tuition and at the same time start their college courses.

“There are a number of barriers for students moving from high school into post-secondary education. One of those barriers is economic and nature what this does is it provides free college credits that are transferable essentially to any university in the land,” said Irion.

Dr. Irion says they will start providing information to students about this new opportunity in the next couple of weeks.

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