Helicopter teams save Mt. Adams climber who slipped near crevasse

Photo courtesy of Yakima County Sheriff's Office

MOUNT ADAMS, Wash. - Search and Rescue teams have saved an Illinois man who was attempting to summit Mt. Adams on Sept. 6.

According to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO), the climber became separated from his group of friends and slid nearly 70 feet down the hill, leaving him stuck at the edge of a large crevasse.

The victim’s friends reported he was 27 years old and had little survival equipment and no climbing gear. According to reports, the climber was near the “False Summit” where he veered off the trail and headed east.

A Search and Rescue (SAR) mission began with a call for air support to the Washington State Emergency Operation Center.

Air units were requested as authorities were unsure of the man’s location and if it was as described, he was in difficult to reach location that would require more assistance from mountain rescue professionals.

The US Army Air Ambulance team from the Yakima Training Center launched two Blackhawk helicopters with two Central Washington Mt Rescue members on board.

The flight took approximately 24 minutes and within moments of arrival, rescuers said they had found the stranded man, according to YCSO.

Reports stated the victim was stuck within a few feet of the 11,000-foot crevasse, which prompted the rescue team leader to request more assistance to save the man and at least a dozen mountain rescue members from the state were called.

The Blackhawk pilots decided to transfer all rescue personnel into one helicopter and try a hoist with the other as teams had roughly 30 minutes before it became too dark and would have to resume the rescue the next morning.

After burning off enough helicopter fuel, the teams were able to attach the man to a cable and rescue him from the mountain.

The climber was flown to the Sheriff’s Office and checked for injuries.

According to reports, the man told authorities he was in Washington to hike Mt. Adams in memory of his brother, Jeremiah Adams, a sailor who died earlier this year while hiking in the Olympic National Forest.

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