Gym-goer says not enough Yakima gyms causing packed workout spaces

Gym-goer says not enough Yakima gyms causing packed workout spaces

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "Just in my 12 years of being in the business, I’ve seen it go from maybe four, five different clubs in the area, to now - I can’t even count how many there are," said gym owner Wes Bradshaw.

Bradshaw just opened up his fourth Anytime Fitness location in the Yakima Valley, and just in time for the new year.

Although he now has four gyms under his belt, he says there are plenty of options for people to get fit - maybe too many.

But, gym goer and nurse Caitlin Flores begs to differ.

She says in her experience, gyms across the valley are always packed, so she’s had to get creative with her schedule.

"It gets really full, especially like the prime time, I come on my lunch, but then after work it gets really full," said Flores.

So with Yakima’s new YMCA set to open in the fall of this year, Flores said she can definitely see herself making use of its gym.

Anytime Fitness' Bradshaw said he too is looking forward to it, even if it might be a little friendly competition.

"There’s some other clubs and facilities in the area I think will probably be more affected by it, but the aquatic center, I’m excited for my kids to be able to use it, too," said Bradshaw.

Heading in to the second week of January, Bradshaw said he hasn’t noticed much of an increase in gym goers since the start of the new year.

He said people actually head to the gym in droves when the temperature starts to drop.

But, Flores says with 2019 just getting started, it’s motivating her to get back to business.

"I definitely fell off track a little bit during the holidays, I was like, 'Oh, you know, it's Christmas, it's whatever, you know,' so I’m kinda getting back on track for the new year," said Flores.

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