Gun safety: A conversation parents need to have with their kids

Gun safety: A conversation parents need to have with their kids

YAKIMA, Wash. - What age should kids be allowed to handle guns?

Head trainer at The Range Dave Kellett said it depends on if the kid was properly taught gun safety.

At The Range, they allow kids age seven and older to shoot with an adult and under supervision.

He said it's never too early to talk to your children about gun safety, he said even as soon as they are able to crawl around and get into things.

"The training can come anytime," Kellett said. "Anytime the parent thinks it's appropriate and it's usually fun. Kids do have a fascination with guns and just like a lot of other educational issues, if the parents aren't going to teach them, kids are going to try to find out in other ways."

Kellett is a former Yakima Police Detective and would investigate accidental shootings. He said there is no reason kids should be playing with guns, injuring and even killing each other.

"These kids needed to be educated, especially the older teenage kids," he said. "They needed to know that guns need to be treated in a way other than what they see on television or at the movies."

Kellett said education is very important but it's also the duty of a gun owner to properly lock up their guns.

"Education is just the second part of the equation, the first part of the equation is securing guns," he said. "It's incumbent on every adult if they own weapons to secure them so that kids can't get access to them."

Kellett said The Range is offering a special course for kids on December 30, to teach them about gun safety. The course is for those age 7-17 and they have to be accompanied by an adult but they can learn how to properly handle a gun and fire it under supervision.

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