Granger's one and only bank is soon closing

Granger's one and only bank is soon closing

GRANGER, Wash.- Granger's one and only bank in the city has announced that they won't be open for much longer.

Now nearly 4,000 people in that city have to travel outside of the city if they need a bank. The U.S. bank branch in Sunnyside is the closest one to the city, and it's over a half an hour commute round trip.

"I'm going to miss the convenience of having them right here in Granger. So now I'm going to have to go literally all the way to Yakima or Sunnyside and it's just a little bit too far," said U.S. Bank Customer Frances Garza.

U.S. Bank Assistant Vice President Heather Draper sent Action News a statement saying the company decided the Granger branch did not meet the customer demand needed to keep running.

Many people in the town think otherwise, and say there have been many times where the line wraps around the corner with customers waiting to be served.

"I've been with this bank for several years now, and it's just going to be a disadvantage for me because I've been here for several years, I like it," said U.S. Bank Customer Beverly Bice.

The U.S. Bank Region President sent a letter to it's customers stating it was a tough decision for the company, and understand the trouble it's causing. They also stated the ATM located at the Granger branch will stay open.

Garza says many of her tasks need to be done by a teller, and the ATM won't help her. She'll still need to drive out of town to be served.

"We don't get direct deposit so I have to manually cash my check and deposit it in order for it to be available the same day. So for me it was a convince having that and now we have to deposit my check in Sunnyside," said Garza.

U.S. Bank says you can do many banking transactions online and through their mobile app.

The banks last day will be on September 14th at 2 p.m.

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